Improve your surfing skills with yoga

yoga surf camp algarve

Inmerse yourself in your inner sea practising yoga before and after surfing. This thousand year-old practice will help you to improve your surfing skills very quickly 😌

Yoga is a  discipline that works as an ideal complement for surfing, as well as for life in general. Its benefits in a short and a long term are so many that it is almost impossible to enumerate them. Not only will it provide benefits at a physical level, but you will connect with yourself and with your environment, discovering that everything you are looking for outside you is within yourself.

Wavy Surf Camp brings together yoga and surfing in a unique ritual on the most beautiful beaches of Sagres, Portugal. You will be able to ride the waves as you never thought possible thanks to our asanas board (postures), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. The union in harmony of these 3 experiences is what is known as yoga. With its practice, we prevent injuries before surfing, and alleviate muscle fatigue after surfing. Yoga helps us as well to find calm after an intense surfing session, balancing our energy.

🧘‍Yoga + surf 🏄‍

  • Body: Improves your strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Yoga makes you aware of how your body is positioned. With its postures you will progress in terms of technique and you will gain in confidence until you create a unique style that will make you stand out.
  • Mind: Focuses attention on the here and now. You will develop your concentration on the present moment, feeling how you flow with the rhythm of the waves. This is very important when you are on your surfboard, as you have to define your movements with maximum precision to catch a wave well. Also, breathing is a very important point when surfing, since it helps you to control your positioning and reaction times.

This summer connect with nature and discover yourself at our Surf Camp in the Algarve, Portugal. Whether you have never surfed before, or your surfboard never leaves your side, use these upcoming holidays to discover our lifestyle, full of happiness, fun and harmony. We are waiting for you! Namasté 😊💦

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