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Surf camp accommodation in Portugal Jump on the Glamping bandwagon

We guarantee you relaxation, we will lead you to nature Wavy Surf Camp Portugal’s objective is to offer you maximum comfort and a perfect break in lodgings totally integrated in the natural surroundings. Accommodation is in high quality, spacious glamping tents with room for up to 8 people. To ensure your comfort, we’ll only put two, three or four people in each tent. We offer spacious normal glamping tents, normal plus glamping tents and luxury glamping tents. It’s no coincidence that Wavy Surf Camp chose this type of accommodation in Sagres, in fact, we looked into it closely to offer maximum relaxation and comfort as well as getting you close to the natural environment – helping you get in touch with the natural world and break away from the monotony and noise of the city with an uniquely liberating experience and a real break.


  • wooden floor
  • mattress base
  • visco-elastic matress
  • under sheet
  • electric light and a plug to charge your devices
  • 2-4 people

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Diazepam 2 Mg Buy Online Join Wavy Surf Camp and enjoy the true surfer accommodation in Sagres

Surf camp equipment to enjoy the most of Sagres Try all the equipment, gain in experience.

Wavy Surf Camp provides a wide variety to make your stay with us full and special. All the equipment we offer is designed to maximise your surfing skills and assure you have a good time in our surf camp, enjoying every moment of your time with us. Unforgettable moments – that’s what we give you:

For beginners we offer a top quality Ocean Earth boards. Sizes 5”6’ and 6”6’ (shortboard) or 7″0′, 7”6’, 8″0, 8″6, and 9”0’ (funboard). For people who want to improve their surfing skills in our surf camp in Portugal, we provide a wide variety of expoxy and fiberglass surfboards.

In our surf camp in Algarve, southern Portugal, we have a mini skate ramp and a bowl for surfskate that simulates a wave. Fun is guaranteed. It is the perfect sport to train your surfing, because the movements are exactly the same. Really feel what it means to surf on asphalt and do not hesitate to try it in our surf camp in Portugal.

Goggles, flippers and snorkel tubes: we’ve got all the equipment you need at Buy Diazepam Uk Reviews surf camp in Sagres so that you can get to know the sea floor around the wild and special beaches of the Algarve.

The volleyball championships are always exciting and competitive. Join up and have fun playing beach volleyball in beautiful natural surroundings.

C-skins 3/2 brand wetsuits. The Wavy  staff will make sure to give you the best wetsuit to help you surf.

Longboards have become a real adventure at Wavy Surf Camp Portugal. On our campsite there are perfect areas to get started in this sport and, for the more advanced people.

At the surf camp we have a mini skate ramp for all levels. It is perfect to start or to get your best tricks. Do not hesitate to try it, it is super fun

The ping pong table is always an evening focus at surf camp, so you can challenge anyone at anytime to play an exciting match. Wavy Surf Camp Portugal has indo boards or balance boards. These are wooden boards that roll on a cylinder. The goal is to try and keep your balance standing on top. There’s nothing better you can do to practise your balance and therefore your surfing than practising this activity every day.

When you’re at our surf camp in the Algarve you can get hold of a bike to get to know the untouched and hidden beaches that this corner of Portugal has to offer. Speak with anyone on our team and ask for some tips to visit the best places.

Slacklining is similar to the indo board but even more difficult. Tie a line between two trees and try walking its length without falling. Practise a bit every day, work on your balance and you’ll see your surfing skills improve.

The surf camp has a projector to put on an outdoor cinema in the evening, but if you just want to kick back and relax with a film and some popcorn, feel free to ask any of our team.

Pick up the Wavy Surf Camp hi-fi and put your own music to share with the rest of the camp.

On camp we’ve gota variety of musical instruments – ukulele, guitar, bongo, timbales, cajón… Don’t hesitate to try any of them and let your artistic side out.

You’re tired, you want to kick back and relax, so don’t hold back– playing one of our board games is another great way to spend your free time in our surf camp in Sagres.

You’re tired, you want to kick back and relax, so don’t hold back– playing one of our board games is another great way to spend your free time in our surf camp in Sagres.

We’ve put a wooden dartboard next to the beach bar so that you can play darts without losing sight of that cool drink.

This is our most popular zone at the surf camp. Take a seat on one of our comfy chairs made from recycled materials, designed in their own, unique style. It’s the perfect place to get away from it all, have a cocktail while you listen to some chill-out surfer music and chat with people from all over the world. It’s a magical place with awesome views over the valley.

Borrow a frisbee and work on your throws on the beach in your free time.

Surf camp activities

In addition to our surf lessons enjoy other activities in the surf camp. Decide your own limits.

All the activities below are optional and some of them cost a bit more, so if one day you’re tired or you just feel like chilling and enjoying the surfcamp atmosphere – that’s cool, we’ll work around you!

yoga sagres wavy surf camp

Buy Xanax Bulk YOGA


Yoga, for those of you who might now know, originated in India and has a distant connection to surfing. It benefits you in three areas fundamental to the sport: physical, mental and emotional. In physical terms, you will work on strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and coordination. It develops your mental concentration and on an emotional level it will help you to maintain your inner tranquillity – to be relaxed, focused and free – even in the most demanding situations! That’s why we think it’s vital to offer this option, so that you can benefit from these important aspects that help you, not only your surfing but in day-to-day life.



We highly recommend the Sunset activity because the area is really known through the sunsets. It is quite fascinating and emotioning to see the sunset in the square of Europe, surrounded of beautiful cliffs and a brave ocean. To see the sunset we go to a secret uncrowded spot.

sunset wavy surf camp sagres portugal
flunkyball sagres algarve



If you’ve never played – now is your time. Play flunkyball, a surf camp classic that demands precision, accuracy and speed. PARTY


Make the most of your time here and enjoy the nightlife, we’ll do the organisation! Discover the charms and nooks of this beautiful city in the Algarve. But first we enjoy our party at Wavy Surf Camp dancing until go to the Sagres bars. Immerse yourself in the exciting nightlife and enjoy meeting young people of all part of the world.

sunset wavy surf camp sagres portugal
concert t wavy surf camp sagres portugal



Do you like the live music? Wavy Surf Camp in Sagres loves it! that’s why we organize open-air concerts for you. Best musicians from the Algarve are looking forward to share their music with you!

Buy Real Alprazolam KAYAKING


There’s nothing better to relax those tired muscles on your rest-day than a trip in a kayak past the delights on offer along the coast of Lagos in the Algarve. Sign up for this adventure in the sea and don’t miss the experience of knowing hidden beaches, caves and tunnels which are formed in the cleefs of the Lagos coast. Moreover at the halfway point you will have a break to go snorkeling and discover the deep sea.

kayak Lagos Algarve
volleyball wavy surf camp sagres VOLLEYBALL


After a few days training at surf camp, sign up for the volleyball tournament that we put on and win fantastic prizes. Guaranteed fun. PING PONG


Get yourself a good doubles partner and show your skill in this sport. Every summer competition there is stiff competition, so smash some records and get the prizes that await you if you win the tournament.

Ping pong sagres wavy surf camp