Portugal Surf School With Lessons in Algarve

Every day you’ll surf on beaches with just the right conditions for you

Learn surfing the best way with our professional and experienced instructors

School instructors


In our Surf School all the instructors are federated by the ISA (International Surfing Association) and are very well acquainted with Portugal and the Algarve in particular. They know all about the different waves, winds and tides, assuring the best possible learning experience for every learner every day on the various beaches in the Algarve.

The surf instructors of Wavy Surf School teachers are always looking out for the problems that people make and they effectively pass on their experience and dedication to avoid reoccurrence. That’s our philosophy in the water: make a mistake, rethink, learn and practise what we learned.

Camp location


Wavy Surf School chose Sagres to establish their surf camp in Portugal because it offers the possibility of surfing a range of different beaches all within 15km. This is an advantage given that it guarantees waves every day and offers a unique, rich experience of the environment. You’ll get to know different coastal landscapes, surf their beaches and connect with the incredible surrounding scenery.

The southern region of Portugal, the Algarve has the best conditions for surfing in Europe given its location between two coasts – southern and western. We can choose between them according to the swell and the wind. What’s more, the quantify of waves and the excellent climate make the Algarve the perfect place for the best surfing experience.

Lessons Equipment


We believe that offering you quality surfing equipment is fundamental, so all our boards and wetsuits are sourced from major European brands. We renew the equipment on a regular basis, because at Wavy Surf School we think that’s what’s needed to guarantee the best conditions for your learning in the water.

Personalized treatment


Our Surf School sets itself  apart from the rest by the way we tailor ourselves to our learners both in and out of the water. Our instructors know how important it is to communicate with each learner individually in order to assure the best possible learning environment. They won’t hesitate to get in the water with the group and correct any mistakes after each wave.



Our learners’ safety is fundamental importance to Wavy Surf Camp, that’s why our groups are always small – 8 people maximum. Each teacher will guarantee as much individual attention as possible.

Our surf Lessons


The surf lessons in Wavy Surf School Portugal last 2 hours 15 minutes. The first lesson is 1 hour 15 minutes. Then there is  a break and finally, a second lesson of 1 hour. The first lesson will be spent studying the theoretical side of surfing – from where you put your feet to the different components that make up a board. This theoretical section will include the warm up you need before getting in the water – this is a foundational part of surfing to avoid injury and also to help you do your best later. The remaining hour will be spent exclusively on practical matters, in the water; the second lesson will be spent warming up and theory about mistakes to conclude on the water.

Wavy Surf School Sagres: Learn to surf in Sagres, the best European destination where only you define the limits of your experience

Don’t miss the oportunity of enjoy the most complete experience in our Sagres Surf Camp

Surf school Wavy

11 Hours course


This surf course is aimed at all of those people who want to get started or who know a bit and want to get better. You’ll learn all about what surfing is, you’ll gain knowledge of the ocean and you’ll be able to catch that first wave you’ve always dreamed about. Now you’ll be able to say ‘I’ve learned to surf!’ It’s included 5 days surf lessons 2 hours 15 minutes each day and an useful surf theory at the surf camp one day evening

Wavy Surf School Sagres

Private classes


Wavy Surf School Portugal offers this surf course for anyone looking for a more rapid learning experience tailored to their needs. In a few classes we assure a good grasp of surfing essentials, both in theory and practice.You’ll have one of our instructors wholly and exclusively for yourself or one or two morefriends. If you’re interested in this option, send us an email at info@wavysurfcamp.com

Wavy Surf School Portugal

Free surf


If you already know some surfing basics and you want to practise on your own, this is the option for you. You’ll always be able to ask our team for tips, they’ll be very happy to help you out. If you are interested on this option, please contact with us and we will inform you about our special equipment hire prices for the Free Surf option.