What should I pack for a surf week in Portugal?

You have spoken and we have heard you! We did a survey through Instagram to find out what you wanted us to write about this month. You have asked for a  post to help you packing your suitcase for your surf week in Portugal. Most of you will come up with several questions when preparing your luggage. How many swimsuits should I take? Will it be cold? Do I have to bring my own wetsuit? Long or short pants?

NO WORRIES! We are here to help you!! 😀 Here we have prepared a LIST OF ESSENTIAL THINGS you should include in your suitcase


Clothing: Summer in the Algarve of Portugal hot during the day.However, temperatures drop at night. Even if it is hot during the day we find chilli evenings at Sagres. Bring comfortable and fresh beach clothes(swimsuit, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops …) But also bring warm clothes(pants, sweater, sports shoes, wind jacket …)

Sun Protection: Cap, Sunglasses and Sunscreen. It is very important to protect both the skin and the eyes. When we spend a lot of time on the beach we expose ourselves to ultraviolet radiation. We must protect ourselves from the sun and the reflections of the sea and the sand. When you arrive home after your holiday you  would love to show your tan. But looking like a cooked prawn is not cool at all!

Beach Towel: So you can get dry, lay on the beach, use it as Superman cape or whatever you can think of!

Sleeping Bag and Pillow: It is only necessary if you stay in Normal tent. If you have booked a Plus or Luxury tent it is not necessary as it is already included.

Shower Towel: Not included in Normal or Plus tent. If you have booked a Luxury tent it is already included.

Health: You have insurance includedwith us during the surf lessons. But outside of classes you will not be covered. That is why it is important that you bring your European health card or your private insurance. In case of any allergies or chronic diseases do not forget to bring your medicines and keep us informed.

Document of Identification: We must be documented at all times. Bring your ID or Passport. It might seem an obvious thing to pack, but as surfers sometimes we are a bit distracted. It is normal, we have our mind in the waves!


Refilling Bottle: At night we put a large water tank so you can refill your bottle and take it to your tent. So if you feel like, bring your own refilling bottle.

Tupperware: For picnics, we will give you a cardboard box, but if you want to bring your own Tupperware would be much better! That way you will be helping the environment.


You should not worry about the surfing gear as wetsuits, boards … All the surf gear is included. However, many people ask us if they can bring their own material. Of course! You can bring it if you want. Remember, the water in Portugal is cold and it is necessary to use long neoprene.


And the MOST IMPORTANT THING you should bring to Wavy Surf CampYour good vibes! Let’s have fun! 🙂


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