New ways of travel: the 3.0 tourist

New ways of travel: the 3.0 tourist

The advance in tecnology has influenced our lives as much as our way of traveling has completely changed; and it has changed even more, our behaviour when traveling.

the new tourist

Does someone remember the old travel agencies where we went to organize a trip 10 years ago, or the conventional paper maps that we bought to orient ourselves in a city? The answer is not a hundred per cent sure.

We are just one click away from our perfect holidays. Now we design for ourselves our travel exactly how we want. It is possible to do whatever we want and without the need of an intermediary. This means that the costs are much lower, therefore traveling is accessible to all.

Years ago was the traditional tourist, the tourist 1.0 who needed a travel agency to organize a whole trip, this gave way to the tourist 2.0 who organized his or her trip by the Internet, booking flights, accommodation and sharing pictures and opinions and now, the tourist 3.0 who uses his smartphone to book his holidays and who takes his decisions based on the opinions of millions of travelers.

Everybody uses different travel apps, such as Tripadvisor, to make the final decision, and then during the travel, the traveller feels the need to share on the social networks pictures and videos of their own experience. Even of the most remote place, no matter where we go, no matter the language…there are no barriers for the new tourist 3.0.

And you, what kind of tourist are you?



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