All that you need to learn how to surf

The best surfers of surfing history weren’t born knowing how to surf. That is why in this post we are going to tell you everything you need to learn how to surf.

Todo lo que necesitas para aprender a surfear - Wavy Surf Camp

If you have ever tried to surf, you will have realized that it is not as easy as people say. This sport doesn’t just consist of getting onto a surfboard and letting a wave slide you to the shore. Surfing consists of connecting with the ocean.

In this post we would like to make clear evrything you need to learn how to surf, so that when the summer arrives, the surfboard goes as smoothly as silk. Let´s go!

Tabla Wavy Surf


If one thing defines this sport, that is the surf board. There are different types of surfboard, but each one is designed for a different surf style. It is very important to know which suits you better in terms of your level and style, that´s why we encourage you to speak with your surf instructor to know which surfboard is the best for you.

Neopreno Wavy Surf


Although not everybody wears a wetsuit, for some beaches it is very important to wear it. And our surf camp is no different, so you will need a wetsuit. Or two maybe. What is sure is that the wetsuit is necessary for those places where the temperature is under 15 degrees.

Conocer el medio Wavy Surf

 Knowing the medium

Not everybody understands it, but knowing where to surf and knowing the area is essential in order to maximize your performance. In our surf camp you will learn easily and safely, because nobody know the Sagres waves better than our surf instructors. They will show you everything you need to learn in order to surf like a pro.

Not everything is theory at Wavy Surf Camp! Come to spend the best summer of your life with us. You will never forget it…

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