3 friends, 3 bikes and 3 surfboards results in “Lost in the swell”. Don´t miss it!

Some years ago 3 guys from France, Even, Ronan and Aurel started a surf trip around the world in search of lost waves and living a unique adventure.

Travelling by bikes, and after beginning this adventure on a desert island “Des Iles Usions”, having made a tour around Great Britain, ventured in the Salomon islands, located in the Pacific, and covered the French coast, they return with the 3rd season “The Last Eden” where we will see a great adventure along the African coast where surfing is the protagonist.

Don´t miss this 3rd season, since we will see amazing places and above all a lot of waves.

Here we leave you with the first two episodes of the 3rd season and the link of its website.

Episode 1- ” C`était vraiment pas une bonne idée!”

Episode 2- Leçon du survie

We hope you enjoy it and stay tunned for new episodes!

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