How to keep yourself fit for surfing

Maybe you have been studying, working or there are some flat weeks comming but you want to stay in shape for your next surfing trip? Do not panic!

Here are some suggestions for activities you can do and that will actually  help you stay fit for surfing:


Practicing yoga regularly will help improving your physical condition .This way you will be physically prepared when surfing time comes. In addition, yoga will give you flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. These skills are essential for a good perform in the water. Furthermore, yoga will help you improving your breathing technique.


Swimming will help you gain muscle power and will improve your paddling technique. In addition, swimming regularly you will increase your paddling resistance and you will learn to control your breathing in the water.

Physical Training

You can either attend a gym or just practice exercises at home. However we always recommend you to check with a professional for an specific workout rutine for you. In any case, physical training focused on surfing should include exercises that improve your physical resistance. It does not matter how much weight you lift, but it does matter that you do a large number of repetitions. Perform exercises that are specific to strengthen the “core“, shoulders and back.


Practicing with the surfskate is a great chance to keep you in shape. You will improve your balance, coordination, resistance and you will also have the opportunity to practice exercises that will help you to understand the execution of many surfing maneuvers. It is very important to maintain a good posture in the surfskate and perform the maneuver exercises correctly. If you get to use your surfskate well you will make much faster progress in surfing. The surfskate practice will also keep you in good physical shape for when the waves are on.


Indoboard and Slackline

Both are very good tolos to work on your balance and to strengthen the muscles of the legs. It is also a good way to awake certain musculature that we do not use normally and that is very important for surfing.


Now you have no excuse!

You have tools to get physically prepared for your next surf camp or surf trip. Next time when you arrive on the beach you will feel much lighter in the water and you will make the most of riding those waves!

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