How to choose a tail for your surfboard

How to choose a tail for your surfboard

The most awaited momentof a surfer is coming for you… buying your first surfboard! You know more or less already the volume you need, the type of board you want but … what about the tail?What is it for? Why are there different types? Which one should I use?


Here you can find a Little guide that will help youa lot while choosing the tail of your board.


SQUASH: It is the most used tail in short boards. This tail is wide and helps maintaining stabilityon the board. Surfboards with tail squash respond quite well and allow quick cuts and accurate turns. By having a wide part and being larger the tail surface is easier to maintain a good speed, which is very practical in slow waves. On the other hand, the rounded sides of the ends give the board more grip to the wave than if the tail was completely square. For that reason, this type of tail is the most versatile.





This type of tail helps us turn more easily. Because of that it works quite well in small waves since it helps to generate speed. However it is a little bit unstableand not so recommended for large waves.




This shape provides a great grip to the wall of the wave. The result is that we can achieve greater stability but it detracts us in speed. That is why it is recommended for high energy waves. The pin tail is considered ideal for surfing big, hollow and strong waves.




It is a modification of the pin tail. This tail gives greater maneuverability to the board but maintains its grip and stability. That is why it is used for medium and large waves.




Many people call them “fish” tails. In this case the tail of the board ends in two points, which generates speed since it decreases the surface of contact with water. Also, it provides an aerodynamic shape. This shape also provides a nice grip to the wave. On the one hand it give us turning capacity and manoeuvrability. On the other hand we have stability. This type of tail is the favourite for small waves.



We hope now you have a clearer idea on which tail you should use. Regards from Wavy Surf Camp!

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