5 Surf Hacks nobody told you before

5 Surf Hacks nobody told you before

Hey guys, we are heading into winter now and we hope you are still surfing and practicing so you can be ready for next season at Wavy Surf Camp.

So if you are surfing with friends or on your own here are 5 surf hacks that will make surfer life easier for you.

1. Use a plastic bag to put your wetsuit on.  We are not plastic friendly but you can use a bag and reuse it pretty much forever for this trick. Sometimes it is hard to put your wetsuit on, especially if it is not completely dry. So put a plastic bag in your foot and then introduce your leg in the wetsuit. This will make it much easier!

surf hacks

2. Hiding your car key. One trick is to tie your key to your towel and live the towel at the beach. Normally nobody would steal a beach towel. But even better, get a key locker. Investing in a key locker will save your life. You will avoid dropping your car key in the ocean, losing it or getting it stolen.


3. Use your car mat to get changed on it so you don´t get sand or mud on your wetsuit. You can also get a special gadget for this, but thew car mat is just cheaper.


4. Don´t tie the leash to tight around the board when you finish your session so it doesn’t get an spiral shape. This will avoid getting your leash tangled to your leg all the time when you are sitting on the board waiting for the waves.

Walking surfer legs with leash and surfboard

5. Make sure you use your surfboard cover all the time on the same side. You don’t want to get surf wax on the bottom of your board. So remember which side of the cover you are putting upside and keep it like this all the time

surf board cover

Do you have other tips or hacks you would like to share? Leave them in the comments! We hope you found this hacks handy and see you soon at Wavy Surf Camp!



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