10 basic rules of surfing by Wavy surfcamp

10 basic rules of surfing

Today At Wavy surfcamp we want to tell you about a series of rules that every surfer should know before going into the water, so pay attention because even if you don´t believe it, it could help you to avoid some problems.

Surfing is a sport that even though done individually, it is necessary to have in mind that we are not alone in the water, there are more people around us who want to catch the same wave as us and in addition the number of surf schools and surfcamps is growing; as a result  there are every day more surfers; so it is a good idea to know some water behaviour rules. At Wavy surfcamp we want you to realize the importance of obeying some rules and behaviours, the basic rules of surfing.

Like all kind of sports, surfing has its own rules but not everybody knows them. At the beginning it is normal that if we haven´t received a good theoretical surfing education we make many mistakes. To avoid it we are going to learn how surfer behaviour should be in the water.

Let´s start with one of the 10 more important rules that we should follow:

1. Prioritysurfcamp

Be respectful and don´t catch all the waves! Pay attention and look left and right before catching the wave. The surfer who is paddling closest to the breaking wave, has priority. If there were some surfers paddling in the same place, the priority would be for those who take off first. You can watch a video about wave priority here.

2. Don´t be aggressive

You must never ever be aggressive. You will hardly even be alone in the water and even less when the forecast is good. A really good surfer should learn to live with others, so it is forbidden to be aggressive. This is surfing, so it is necessary to be calm and peaceful in the water. Be respectful and other surfers will respect you.

3. Wait your turn

There are waves for everybody, beginners and advanced. There are areas on the beach with different waves. If you are on the line up and there are more surfers respect those who haven´t caught a wave for a long time and then catch it. Avoid paddling all the waves and disturbes the others going from one side to the other side without any sense. Stay calm, wait your turn and look at the waves, and when your wave arrives catch it!

4. Share waves

If there is a wave which opens on both sides, right and left you should warn other surfers of the direction that you are going to go in and that way another person could cacth the same wave as you but on the other side. This happens very often but it is very important to warn in time which side we are going to choose to avoid collisions and let others take advantage of the waves.

5. Don´t take the other person´s wave

If you see another surfer who has a better position, please don´t take the wave! This is vey important because it can cause arguments, fights and then dangerous accidents in the water. It is possible to break or damage ther surfboards or to damage ourselves or other surfers.

6. Be respectful and tolerant

First and foremost in the water you must behave politely and let situations happen which you don´t like, but you have to tolerate them. You cannot be aggressive or argue in a threatening manner with other surfers, beacause surfing is a sport which lets you get relaxed, enjoy yourself and connect with the ocean breathing the summer breeze that you only can breathe in the water.

7. You must be responsible for your surfboard

When you are in the water please take care of your surfboard. It is a dangerous object because it can cause serious accidents and can damage the other surfers. You should never let go of your surfboard if there is a person behind you. You must ensure that you surfboard leash is well tied, because it could be let go at any time.

8. Know your limits

Be conscious of your surfing level, we cannot forget that surfing is an extreme sport. You must never go into the water if the sea conditions are dangerous for your level. Surfing is a sport which you have to improve step by step. Do not forget that we surf to enjoy ourselves, we suppose you will not want to be assisted in the water because of a dangerous situation. Please be conscious of your limits and limitations.

9. Do not pollute beaches

It is the most important rule if you are a surfer, please do not pollute beaches! As surfers, we love surfing in natural landscapes and enjoy the best ocean sceneries, so you must look after the place that lets you get happy and relaxed. You must never throw litter on the beach and remember that respecting the environment must be our first priority!

10. Do not forget to enjoy every second in the water!

Sometimes we are too worried about not having an accident in the water. We usually get nervous because we can be told off by other advanced surfers. These are stressfull situations in the water which do not let us enjoy surfing, so please, you have to be respectful with other surfers, but you must think that you surf to be free and to feel all the good feelings that only surfing lets you have. Enjoy yourself!

To finish Wavy Surfcamp would like to wish you fun waves to everyone and we hope that these 10 rules help you to avoid problems and enjoy surfing to the max in the water. Do not forget them and see you in the water!



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