We want to show you a special place in the south of Portugal, Wavy surfcamp Algarve


Wavy surfcamp Algarve

is located in this destination because it is a really nice place where you can spend your best surfing holiday. Surrounded by mountains to the north, the Algarve is a region situated in the south of Portugal. Its mild temperatures during the whole year, its excellent gastronomy, its beautiful coastline and its strong historic and artistic personality makes it one of the most popular destinations in the south of Europe and a really perfect place for water sports.

Wavy surfcamp AlgarveWith 200 kilometres of coast, the Algarve has a wide range of different beaches. Long beaches with fine-grain sand, small bays, beaches with amazing cliffs and caves, surrounded by all kinds of atmospheres that makes this place a perfect destination for everybody.

Lagos is a charming lively city with heavenly beaches of calm water and magical cliffs. Albufeira and Portimao are surrounded by small bays and long beaches with transparent water. They have an exciting night life with many pubs and discos. Silves or Tavira are more traditional places where you can find more calm. From Lagos to Odeceixe there are towns like Sagres where the best surfing atmosphere is guaranteed. This area of the Algarve is the most beautiful because of its wild beaches, its unique nature and its perfect waves to learn how to surf.

Moreover, the Algarve is one of the best destination in Europe to surf. This is mainly due to two reasons: its excellent weather and the variety and quantity of spots with waves 365 days per year.

Being in the corner of Europe, the Algarve is divided in two coasts, the south and the west. The force of the Atlantic usually comes across the west coast, guaranteeing waves every day of the year. The south coast, however, is not so constant, but offers perfect conditions to surf when on the west coast conditions are too strong.Wavy surfcamp Algarve

This region of Portugal has countless surfing spots along both coasts, which are all within a distance of 15 kilometers.

Beaches with different orientations, winds and sea bottoms, extensive sandy beaches or beaches with magical and huge cliffs, all of this can be found in the portuguese Algarve. In addition, these surf spots are located in the Natural Park of the Costa Vicentina, offering beaches where you will not find big constructions and where you can enjoy the surf without too many surfers.

This region is in demand for people who want to learn how to surf and for those who are looking to perfect their technique. Surfers from all parts of Europe or even the world, get together all year and specially in summer.

Wavy surfcamp AlgarveHowever, it is not just surf and a nice climate which we find here, as this destination offers an identity which few places in the world still conserve its wild nature. Being situated in a protected Natural Park, the constructions of buildings is not permited. The only buildings which we can see are the small fishing village and those inland in which people life from the sea or from the land. This offers the surfers a unique natural surrounding where apart from its extraordinary beauty, you will be able to feel the authentic connection with nature and to feel the freedom which this give you.

In addition to surfing, there are a wide variety of adventure sports. You can do activities such as kitesurfing, paddle surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, cycling trails, hiking, quad biking, among many others.

With respect to the Algarve gastronomie, the most prominent of this area are fish and seafood, the maining ingredients of the south of Portugal cuisine. All of this are fresh and best quality which offers you a wonderful gastronomic experience at a very good price.

The Algarve has an airport in the city of Faro where a great number of low cost flights from around the world arrive daily. Once in Faro you can take a bus, train or rent a car to arrive at any place of the area. Another option could be the Lisbon airport, aproximately 3 hours from the Algarve where you will be able to take a bus, train or car to arrive to your destination. Also you can arrive by train or by road with a car or bus.

There are many options which this destination offers you and which you can not miss for your next holiday.

You understand why Wavy surfcamp Algarve has choosen this wonderful place to offers you experiences, don´t you?

We are looking forward to having a good time with you and to showing you all the charm of the Algarve area.

We offer you the experience and you bring the enthusiasm.

Regards and “boas ondas”

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