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It’s April, but in your head it’s already July and you’re in the sand of an Atlantic cove, in a surf camp in Portugal. You’re already counting the the days until your arrival at Wavy Surf Camp and you can’t wait any longer, can you?

surf camp in Portugal
surf camp in Portugal date

Summer is around the corner, or at least that’s what you tell yourself every day. But actually, it’s not as far away as your calendar says, because there’s very, very little time until these sunny summer days arrive at your surf camp in Portugal. At Wavy Surf Camp we are already ready. Your tent is waiting for you with a nice pillow and waves are getting themselves ready for a great season. So, if you can’t shut up that little voice that says “get the surfboard…get the surfboard” when you wake up, when you’re in the shower, at the cinema, in the street, or on Mars…

Then you have to come here cause you are a real surfer.Everything you can do in our Camp can be checked on our website, where you can book your stay with or without surf lessons, as you prefer –  we are really nice people. The most important thing for us is that you enjoy a unique experience and when you tell your friends about it, that you make it clear that you want to come back, so that when your birthday comes they will know perfectly what to give you.


surf camp in Portugal yoga
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surf camp in Portugal skate

At our surf camp in Portugal, you will have everything you need, although we don’t have some things, such as boredom, for example. Here it’s impossible to get bored. When we are not on the crest of a wave, we are on a trip around the cliffs of Sagres. If we’re not there, that’s because we are in our kayaks. If we are not on the sea, it’s because we are under it, snorkeling. And if we are not on the seabed it’s because we are either on the seashore doing some yoga or on our way to the surf camp to go skating.

So, we are waiting your call or an email to know when are you going to come.

Because around here almost everything is ready so that once you arrive with your friends, you can go directly to the shore.

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