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Gruber Hermanos, Our machines are manufactured with dedication and knowledge. With the use of the most modern technologies and materials, we apply our long experience to the execution of projects that satisfy exactly our client’s requirements. Our fans, installed in more than 50 countries, are designed for industrial environments and convey air or other fluids in all conditions: clean or dirty, hot or cold, abrasive, corrosive, full of particles, etc. Gruber Hermanos axial fans manufacturer. The axial fan is usually fitted with guide vanes, placed either at the inlet or at the outlet, whose function is to diminish the rotation of the conveyed flow.

Trefinasa, Finally, Trefinasa has started manufacturing low sag conductors. These conductors are able to transmit more electrical current than their equivalent conductor, keeping safety clearances. Trefinasa alumoweld wire, once the covering process is finished, the wire is drawn until its final diameter without any alteration in the aluminum steel ratio. These wires are used in electrical industry, more concretely in manufacturing optical ground wire(OPGW) and conductor cores destined to overhead electrical lines.

CV Protection, Zip lock bags. Reusable, transparent, easy opening and valid for foodstuff contact. Perfect product for distribution and storage. CV Protection is one of the most important distributors of disposable products, gloves and clothes in Europe and it is the latest project of Celulosas Vascas. Vinyl gloves Also recommended for the health sector, for patient screening and examination or for cleaning of instruments.

Inoxcaucho, The stators are made in molds of our own design & construction. The main property of the rubber that it is resistant to abrasion, tear and to the chemical agents. We make stators, rotors and other components for helical pumps of eccentric rotor, whose area of application is the viscous means transport. Stators for eccentric screw pumps.The main property of the rubber is that it is resistant to abrasion, tear and to chemical agents.

EVI Accessories, Brass knobs manufacturer Evi, especialist in decorative fittings and accesories for furniture, carpentry and decoration. Our wide product range allows us to offer you the best solution for every case.Discover our catalogue by yourself and travel through all its sections. The quality of service lies in personalizing the needs and special requirements of every customer and shipping the orders as soon as possible.

Zineti, Sacrificial Anodes to Weld or bolt on in Aluminium or Zinc for the Offshore industry in wind farms. Manufacture and distribution of ballast tank aluminium anode upon demand. Sacrificial Anodes designed and manufactured upon demand, following specifications of the client.

Cintranaval-Defcar, We have developed the detail design and production engineering of nearly 60 vessels using in-house programmed CAD/CAM software. Our Group is developer and ship design software specialist. We are one of the top technological Spanish companies in the shipbuilding industry.

CoverMas, A single machine and a single sleeve size for any kind of umbrellas. Attractive design, with a smooth rounded shape. The ideal element to keep nice and tidy the entrance of buildings. Specially designed to dispose of the umbrella sleeves when exiting the building. Specialist company selling umbrella wrapper.

Prado silos, PRADO Storage Solutions offers the latest technology within the grain storage industry. Company providing the design, supply and delivery of galvanized steel grain silo. PRADO Storage Solutions is absolutely committed to satisfying and delighting our customers´ needs